Here is what the Tampa Bay area is raving about !

  1. Chef Will has been cooking for us for a while now. It’s so easy and convenient. We’ve recaptured precious time using his service and this has made life more stress free. He is very open to suggestions and ideas and brings us fresh meals everyday. I highly recommend!

  2. We have used Chef Wil for some time now. He is timely, courteous and priced right, not to mention the food is delicious! He’s a great professional and has made custom meals to our dietary needs. I love the freshness and I know it’s made well. Full confidence in Wil and would recommend to anyone looking for great health meals for your family.

  3. I am very pleased with Chef Wil’s service. My meals have been delicious and I know they’re also healthy. That’s important to me. He is very open to my individual needs and is very courteous and professional. If you’re busy yet still want healthy, delicious meals, I recommend Chef Wil!

  4. Chef Wil rules! Flavorful, filling meals portioned just right and satisfying. Organic ingredients for better health and taste. I have lost several pounds while enjoying healthy, tasty meals. Highly recommend!!

  5. Chef Wil has been preparing meals for my family for several weeks now. The flavors are excellent and the variety of food is so refreshing. We are enjoying healthy, organic meals that taste fantastic and are delivered fresh to us daily. I have already lost several pounds and we all just feel so much better! Thanks Chef Wil; can’t wait to see what’s cooking this week!!

  6. Yes, it is a relief to have good healthy food prepared and delivered. It is not fancy like most expensive restaurants, it is what we are used to. We get what ever I suggest and more. Thanks

  7. The BEST!
    Not only does Chef Wil prepare the tastiest and healthiest meals you can find, but he’s had to work around a lot of restrictions in my diet. Usually a gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diet would throw any chef, but I have been consistently blown away by the flavor combinations, variety, and willingness to respond to feedback that Chef Wil constantly delivers. I highly recommend him to anyone desiring a healthy, delicious, high value/low cost, and convenient menu!

8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been enjoying Chef Wil’s fine organic cuisine for more than six months. I trust the quality of the food that he prepares, and I find nearly all of his dishes to be delicious. Chef Wil is receptive to feedback regarding personal tastes and/or dietary restrictions; for instance I personally don’t favor Quinoa so he no longer uses that ingredient in my meals. I have become a much bigger salad eater since meeting Chef Wil, as his salads are consistently tasty, fresh and organic. If you enjoy soups, I recommend both his mushroom and black bean soups. This is a great investment to make in yourself or someone you love.

  2. Chef Wil is an excellent chef with a vast knowledge to handle food allergy and sensitivity issues. His meals are delicious. His use of ingredients are unique, high quality, healthy and are all deliciously prepared. He is extremely flexible in his meal planning. I highly recommend him.

  3. We LOVE the meals that Chef Wil prepares for us each week! The meals are fresh, delicious and healthy. It is very convenient and saves us time as well. He knows how to work with food and create meals that we really enjoy. He tweaks meals to our liking too. We are picky about what we eat (nutrition & healthy), Chef Wil prepares meals that meets our needs. We recommend him to others.

  4. My husband hired Chef Wil to cook a dinner party for my 60th birthday. It had to be delicious, totally gluten free and absent of our food allergy triggers. It was this…and more! We enjoyed talking with him, learning about ingredients and were totally amazed and delighted with the fantastically delicious dishes. We used our fine china and he even washed the dishes for us! All of our friends raved about the evening, what a great birthday! Thanks Chef Wil

  5. Chef will has been making dinners for us for several months. He delivers right to your door and will even make extra trips if necessary. His food is always fresh, tasty, and healthy. Meats are perfectly cooked every time! He is able to accommodate our sugar free, gluten free, dairy free diet. He’s a heck of a nice guy too.

  6. We started using chef Wil’s services a few weeks ago and we are throully impressed!! The food is absolutely amazing. He Is very professional. We have had to make requests due to health issues and he has been so easy to work with. He has presented an alternate solution so quickly for all of our issues. If you are looking for a professional chef with amazing food, look not further.

  7. Chuck & Betty
    We started Chef Wil’s service about six months ago on a test basis. It didn’t take more than a few weeks to know that the quality, quantity, cost effectiveness of his unique skill and customer centered work ethic were outstanding. He is reliable, responsive to our need for flexibility with some foods and has never failed to provide “work arounds” to the requirements of our ages and health issues. The food is great and the service is excellent. A real FIND!!

  8. I came across Chef Wil’s services about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. No longer do I spend my Sundays grocery shopping and food prepping for the week then eating the same thing over and over. Now I have my weekends back and my kitchen stays so clean! Chef Wil incorporates a delicious variety of meals that are healthy and satisfying. It is a great feeling to open up the fridge and grab a tasty meal that has been thoughtfully prepared and delivered to my door. My energy levels have improved and I have enjoyed better health overall. I have tried other meal prep services in the past and Chef Wil exceeds them all with his attention towards organic ingredients and robust flavors. Chef Wil is so accommodating and trustworthy – it is not just a business for him, it is his passion!

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