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There are so many Diet Plans out there it can be overwhelming trying to single out one that works best for you. Many are unhealthy, unreasonable, and just too demanding for an average person. Dieting is so much more than just eating healthy foods, it’s breaking your addiction to bad foods and changing the bad habits you’ve been making both consciously and subconsciously throughout the years. These are things a recipe, diet book, or diagram can’t provide to you. This is why I created my personal chef services, and this is what sets me apart from everyone else. I am a classically trained chef that has graduated culinary school, a personal trainer, and I constantly seek out new information from top dietitians, doctors, and psychologist from around the country. By doing this I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about nutrition and fitness. So why not leave it to me to create a Diet Plan for you based off of your personal taste and eagerness for weight loss? I have come up with my own Diet Plan that works out very well for the ” average ” person. What I mean by average is a person who works long hours all day and has to come home at night to take care of a family, leaving them very little or no time to exercise or cook a healthy meal. It has become accustomed for them to stop by a fast food restaurant to pick up dinner. Does this sound like you?  If so does this also sound like you? ” I’m going to start making my own salads and eating healthy when I get home.” Now let me ask you this, how long did that last for? A week or two? How long before you were grabbing something unhealthy from a fast food restaurant ? A possible reason your attempt at weight loss failed is because you just got tired of a bland,repetitive,boring Diet Plan. What if I told you something subconscious was at the root of your failure. Perhaps the daily habit of going to get a meal prepared for you was wired into your brain. Subconsciously you needed that every day, it became a habit that really has nothing to do with food at all. It’s just a daily habit that must get fulfilled in order to be satisfied. The Psychology of dieting is just as important as the food you eat! I will provide you with healthy and delicious meals as well as a wealth of knowledge to keep you away from all the unhealthy choices out there. So why not give my unique personal chef services a try and have me create a Diet Plan customized to your taste that will also optimize your weight loss !


2 thoughts on “Diet Plans

  1. Yes, I have a need to try your cooking. How does it work, food delivered once a week, fresh or frozen. Ala cart or meal plans–lots of questions.

    • Hello Clare & Alden. Basically I deliver fresh meals daily or what ever works best for you schedule. The menu is highly customizable, so I only serve what you would like to eat. We can set up a consultation if you’d like so we can discuss the specifics of your diet. Feel free to give me a call tonight @ 727-423-5276, Thanks 🙂

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