Tampa Bay’s Finest Organic Personal Chef Service

Experienced Organic Personal Chef Service                                                                                                                                                  

Do you work long hours preventing you from making healthy meals at home? Are you forced to take a quick lunch and settle for terrible fast food? Does that quick lunch turn into an hour or more of your valuable time with traffic and waiting on your meal? Do you run your own business? Then you must know time is money and by going out to have lunch every day you’re wasting up to 5-8 hours per week. Imagine what you can do with all that time… Go to gym for 45 minutes? Enjoy a comedy movie to relax? Keep company with your family? Or stay at office and increase your productivity so you can free up your weekends? These are just a couple of positive changes my clients have made to kick start their new healthy lifestyles. The best way to set a healthy meal plan in your hectic daily lives is with an experienced chef. By asking a few simple questions, I’ll determine the kinds of nutritious food ideal for your fitness, and personalize it for your food preferences.


As a Chef specialized in organic food and nutritious diet, I have extensive knowledge and experience in multiple organic diets such as Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, making sure that plenty of variety will never make you bored, and can professionally follow or create any recommended diet for individuals with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer. By integrating the knowledge of modern and classic cooking techniques with organic and nutritious food, I will offer you a totally unique, satisfying, and most importantly HEALTHY meal plan that meet your diet goals. Meantime, I will streamline the preparation process and decision making that goes into a successful organic diet. In that way, you’ll always have tasty food that supports your fitness while being clear about your personal nutrition and calorie requirements.


Everything is made fresh and is tailored specially to your taste! So why not starting today? Why not having healthy and delicious meals delivered right in front of you that are personalized for your diet and appetite, schedule and budget! It’s the time to be fit and healthy! No more procrastinating! Contact me to set up a free consultation to discuss a delightful meal plan designed perfectly for you to maximize your fitness.




Click the links below for more information on the diets I specialize in.






















Try My Organic Chef Services !!

Give me a call today at 727 – 423- 5276 or email me at chefwilwagner@gmail.com for a prompt response and consultation.

16 thoughts on “Tampa Bay’s Finest Organic Personal Chef Service

  1. Chef Will has been cooking for us for a while now. It’s so easy and convenient. We’ve recaptured precious time using his service and this has made life more stress free. He is very open to suggestions and ideas and brings us fresh meals everyday. I highly recommend!

  2. We have used Chef Wil for some time now. He is timely, courteous and priced right, not to mention the food is delicious! He’s a great professional and has made custom meals to our dietary needs. I love the freshness and I know it’s made well. Full confidence in Wil and would recommend to anyone looking for great health meals for your family.

  3. Hi Wil~
    I recently recieved your card on my car here @ TGH, however, I would like to learn more about your meals and prices. Can you post up meal plans and food prices for me, please.

    Thank You so much!

    ps. I can be reached @ “mamagreen911@yahoo.com” Thanks…

  4. I am very pleased with Chef Wil’s service. My meals have been delicious and I know they’re also healthy. That’s important to me. He is very open to my individual needs and is very courteous and professional. If you’re busy yet still want healthy, delicious meals, I recommend Chef Wil!

  5. Chef Wil rules! Flavorful, filling meals portioned just right and satisfying. Organic ingredients for better health and taste. I have lost several pounds while enjoying healthy, tasty meals. Highly recommend!!

  6. Chef Wil has been preparing meals for my family for several weeks now. The flavors are excellent and the variety of food is so refreshing. We are enjoying healthy, organic meals that taste fantastic and are delivered fresh to us daily. I have already lost several pounds and we all just feel so much better! Thanks Chef Wil; can’t wait to see what’s cooking this week!!

  7. Yes, it is a relief to have good healthy food prepared and delivered. It is not fancy like most expensive restaurants, it is what we are used to. We get what ever I suggest and more. Thanks

  8. The BEST!
    Not only does Chef Wil prepare the tastiest and healthiest meals you can find, but he’s had to work around a lot of restrictions in my diet. Usually a gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diet would throw any chef, but I have been consistently blown away by the flavor combinations, variety, and willingness to respond to feedback that Chef Wil constantly delivers. I highly recommend him to anyone desiring a healthy, delicious, high value/low cost, and convenient menu!

  9. Totally love Chef Wil’s healthy and tasty food! I love how my friends are noticing my weight loss already and how trim I’ve gotten — and it has only been a few weeks!! 🙂

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