Living a healthy organic lifestyle

Eating Clean’ is my motto as a personal chef. It is one of the biggest reasons why most of my clients get in touch with me to begin with. I thank my parents who were nutritionists and overall health conscious people for giving passing this gem of information to me at a very young age.

To hire a personal chef may have been a lavish spending of the past but it is a necessity of present. If you are stripped for time but also take care of what you put in your body, a personal chef is a good investment. As a personal chef my day begins by taking care of myself so, that I can take care of someone else.

‘Getting back in shape’, ‘shedding extra weight’, ‘to improve energy levels’, and ‘learning to cook’ are a few of the services that I provide to my clients. Apart from that I conduct workshops on how to grow your own organic food, how to cook for people with food allergies, and creating sustainable food source for yourself.

My clients are usually fascinated with the amount of time I put in understanding their wants and needs. The nature of my work is time consuming as it involves analyzing family history, medical history, food tastes, food dislikes, food allergies, and any emotional or physical challenges my clients face or can think of.

After data collection, careful grafting of customized meal plans is done. Sometimes my clients like to see how I prepare their meals but most of the times I prepare their meals and dispatch them. I have a weekly session with them to see how their meals are helping them with their moods and energy levels. This is a crucial step in the process and I urge them to take it seriously

Many of my clients like to go grocery shopping with me to the farmers market. I encourage it, as it lets them to connect with their food in a wholesome manner. I also conduct field trips to educate my clients about the natural goodness of raw food and abundance of edible weeds and roots growing in their backyard.

I have clients everywhere in America and due to this reason I travel a lot. Even when I am on the move, I am always connected with my clients. My Kitchen ensures that meals are made and dispatched without fail. Sometimes I even travel with my clients and end up staying with them.

I live with my clients for a week to ascertain their food and cooking choices and offer them alternatives.  Post that follow up sessions are conducted and it helps us to track their progress into their new lifestyle. Technology definitely aids my job. I am selective about the kind of people I work with. I am a ‘quality over quantity’ kind of person. I have to ensure that my time is utilized properly between myself and my clients without anyone missing anything.

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