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Hello, this is Chef Wil. Quality and satisfaction are my goals when it comes to serving you. I prepare fresh meals daily using the highest quality organic meats and vegetables. The menu options are limitless, you can request your favorite dishes or leave it up to me to create a healthy and delicious meal plan. I am highly experienced with world cuisine and all of the Most popular diets around.

The Cost of my services is $225 per person for a weeks worth of organic lunches and dinners ( Monday-Friday). This services is not for everyone but it truly is a great value and here is why.. With the cost of the groceries alone you will spend upwards of $100.. That leaves you with $125.. Now take into account the time you will spend grocery shopping.. Lets just say that takes about 2+ hours per week.. Now think about how long it’ll take you to prepare a quality well balanced meal? An hour or more per day? So time wise we’re looking at 7+ hours a week ! Once you take into consideration the grocery cost, fuel cost, and time saved you’re spending less than 125$ per week to have a highly trained Chef free up 7+ hours of you time and prepare Healthy and Delicious Meals for you!

Organic Personal Chef Service

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